That’s not a computer! – Introducing the Pi

So I introduced the Pi to my student’s during the second week of term.

First we explored the question ‘What is a computer?’, ‘How many do you have in your house? On your person?’ Then I got out the Raspberry Pis In purple Pimoroni Pibow cases and handed them around (my classes vary in size between one and six). Reactions from students were generally very positive

“That’s not a computer!”

“It looks cool!”

“How much does it cost?”

“Where can I get my own one?”

“Where’s the screen?”

We then brainstormed what other things (or peripherals) you needed to plug into the Pi to use it. This then led to a sorting activity: Input or Output or Both?

Next the students got to hook up the Pis and have a play. They were encouraged to simply explore the interface. What games are there? Is there anything like Microsoft Powerpoint?

Due to the needs of our students lessons are only 45 minutes so after a plenary this used up the time available. Generally with all my classes this was a very positive start and they all engaged well 🙂


I soon discovered that three Pis per table doesn’t work. I now have three tables with two Pis on each.


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